This section is here to help with some of the questions I get about coffee at the Rossland Farmers Market, or when I chat with people on the sidewalk in town, or out on the mountain bike trails, or in the line-up at the bank.

I'm going to draw some of the information and resources from people I trust, or from information I know to be correct based on my own experience.


The Moka Pot

A common extraction technology, the Moka Pot is a stove top coffee maker. The Moka Pot uses approximately 1.5bars of pressure to extract the coffee. It isn't truly an espresso machine as it doesn't develop enough pressure to extract espresso. To meet the standards required for espresso extraction the technology should be in the range of 9bars of pressure. If you've got one, don't stop using it, just be careful in your process.

 The Pourover

The pourover is a great coffee extraction technology. The paper filters are readily available in most grocery stores as are the Melitta one cup plastic pourover filter holders. It's a cheap and easy way to make a lovely cup of coffee. If you pay attention to some of the video details you are sure to get a better cup. Do you have to get as precise as this video to get great coffee? No. But if you do you will improve your cup and it's not too hard to do some of the stuff on the video - this is basically how I make my pourovers and the results are worth the effort.